Wider access to my small works on paper began in January 2015, as an experiment and a game; a desire to play quickly and daily without knowing what might emerge, and a desire to help more people experience the touch and feel of handmade art.

Most days, I took breaks between the slower and more considered work of my larger-scale canvases, and made a deliberate effort to settle at least one painted page. I didn't always succeed, but when I did I took a picture of the piece and shared it with fans on Instagram (@tmurdza.studioart), posting what often felt like raw work in front of a growing audience of artists and other good lookers; people both local and around the world who were willing to look at my freewheeling, sometimes gloriously connected and inspired marks with me, and to also share their own. 

Much has changed since the early days of Instagram, but it's still a lively place to see my new works, works in progress, and images of the studio. The original pieces offered here are a curated selection from this ongoing project. Join me on Instagram @tmurdza.studioart and learn about my other projects on theresemurdza.com.

Find also *fine art reproductions* made from a special series of works on paper from the 'TAKE MORE CAKE / MAKE MORE CAKE' collection, a DEEP DIVE into the PLAY of 4-letter words -- from 'bad words' to the phenom of knuckle tattoos. REAL fun. 

I'm so glad you're here. Be in touch.

Portland, Oregon

Artist Thérèse Murdza builds her signature bright, richly textured paintings for both commercial and residential collections. Using an animated range of circles, lines and colors, she creates large, multi-paneled works on canvas, and smaller works on canvas and paper. From her studio in Portland, Oregon, she works with gallerists, design professionals, agents, and private collectors to place her artwork internationally. Learn more at theresemurdza.com.